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Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Akhir-akhir ini gue denger kabar gak enak tentang ilc, ada yang bilang ilc penipu, ilc bangkrut, ilc fraud dll. Sejak awal aku pertama kali kerja sih emang udah ada tread yang jelek2in….


COSU CRUSH: Wagakki Band

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

I know that wagakki band is not a cosplayer, but their costume is soooo cute hahaha. This is my favorite Japanese band (after larc en ciel of course) hihihi

I know them when i googling about Zenbon sakura, i found three interesting videos

its a beautiful dance using the traditional song Zenbon Sakura originally by bad apple

this is the original singer, yes they are older and i think one of them look like my japanese lector hhahaaha

this is Wagakki band version, with some touch of modern instrument its ROCK N ROLLLLL :)

Back to wagakki band and how im in love with their costume

they got unique style, and you can check them at


Klenspop Ellen Panda Blue Lens Review

Thursday, January 07, 2016

New year means new lens YEAYYYYY!. I got a pair of lenses from This time is the blue one. I love blue lenses, i ususally use it for wedding party. I had my other blue lenses review HERE its comfortable but my favorite blue lense is This promo blue lenses.

This time i reviewing Klenspop Ellen Panda Blue Lens.

i like this package better than previous package with a girl figure, some how it looks more Cute and Pop


2016 resolution

Monday, January 04, 2016

I'm sorry, I know it's supposed to be published at 31st Dec or 1st Jan but 31st Dec I spent night at the office doing some stuff errrrrrrrrrr. then i spend a day to adapt at my new place. So here's what I do for at New Year's Eve!
and btw, again and again my 2016 resolution is to complete my 2015 resolution that i create since 2014 and ive been thinking from 2013 lololol.

no... its joking!!
now i still in the GALAU state. I just resign from ILC due to private reason (well, if you googling it maybe you know why wkwkwkwwk). Thanks to Allah, within a month i got a new job at XXXXXX. 

People here are so nice, kind, good and funny.... but i dont think i fit in here.... 
live as Japan's freak for years make me got a weird sense of humor and live like.... ummm what i can say maybe just too comically... i dont know.. too much fantasy maybe hahaha 

lets back to my 2016 resolution
1. i need to get SIM A SOOOOOOOON!
2. dont be lazy, lets write 5 post for a month here
3. Get JLPT level 2
4. 30 entry a month to my partime job
5. doing my best for my CURRENT JOB
6. Move On from mr xxxx and Living a better live

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