Monday, August 22, 2016

Lo dikasih kemampuan dan potensi segini gedenya, ruang sebegini luasnya untuk berkembang,
dan lo masih membandingkan diri lo sama mereka-mereka yang hidupnya terikat dan bersandar 
Please, bitch.
Tolong kurangi micinnya.
Dan pake dikit otaknya.

it slapped me, hard on my face
shes right, i got alot of things to do
i got my own saving
i got my own car (eventhought i can not drive yet lol)
i got my freedom
ill try to wake up one more time. being though... like her
thankyou for stopping bye 
xoxo furi

just an excuse

Thursday, August 18, 2016

i dunno what to write any way
i lost my sense of writings
eventhought i knew that i dont have good sense at writings too, lol

i lost desire to play with makeup since....
i got no company
i got no one to take my picture
i got no place to get a good picture #lemmementionthosevintagedoors

i bought a lot of make up, but too lazy to take a picture
beside i had serious breakout on my face either...

i not young anymore, i know it
my skin not as good as before
i have to take care of it now 


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