COSU CRUSH: Wagakki Band

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

I know that wagakki band is not a cosplayer, but their costume is soooo cute hahaha. This is my favorite Japanese band (after larc en ciel of course) hihihi

I know them when i googling about Zenbon sakura, i found three interesting videos

its a beautiful dance using the traditional song Zenbon Sakura originally by bad apple

this is the original singer, yes they are older and i think one of them look like my japanese lector hhahaaha

this is Wagakki band version, with some touch of modern instrument its ROCK N ROLLLLL :)

Back to wagakki band and how im in love with their costume

they got unique style, and you can check them at


RF Online: beauty in the game

Monday, November 24, 2014

RF online (Rising Force Online) is a online game (MMORPG) from Lyto game which combine fantasy and futuristic theme. begin from a galaxy named NOVUS, player can choose one of 3 race. there are bellato union, accretia empire and holy alliance cora. im not really into gamer thing but sometimes i play it to get rid my stress haha. but im not really play to win the war, usually i play just to dress up my character lol.
“RF Online Indonesia”
i love fairy tale, so when i play games i always pick witch/magician character. on RF Online i absolutely choose holy alliance cora caracter
after look at the character, sometimes there a desire to dress up like them hahah,  my most favorite costume is force animus isis, because the character is female/goddess with amazing armor :*

this girlnamed pinky luxun, you will be surprise if you know that she made this costume by herself and her friend only. You will not be able to see her wearing or entering this costume in any events because she said it was too revealing and it was so heavy that she may have a hard time wearing or walking with it in a convention. And beside she also labeled this as one of her “Private Cosplay” because she’s really wearing nothing except the transparent fabric.

what i love about cosplaying a game is how fantastic their costume with flawlesss and fairies face :'D
i wondering, is she put foundation all over her body too? her skin look so flawless >,<

FREDDY_FRIDAY cosplaying a game, anyone??

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cosu crush: endiru indonesian cosplayer

Monday, October 06, 2014

Endiru is a cosplayer team that was formed in 2004, the membership of this team based on friendship and trust. their activities of cosplay mostly are making costumes and props, also doing private costume shoot. most popular member are pinky luxun, orochi x and shinji


cosu crush: baozi & hana

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

baozi and hana is my favorit couple male cosplayer, someties they did cross dress. here their normal face


cosu crush: SAO ASUNA

Thursday, September 25, 2014

watched SWORD ART ONLINE already?. u must. they just start second season few weeks ago. one of my favorite chara is ASUNA, here she is


cosu crush: Anly zhang

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

first time i knew  her when play inori yuzuriha roles, her sad eyes is so pretty :3


gothic lollita style guide

Friday, September 12, 2014

one of my favorites gyaru style is Gothic Lollita. this style is look cute yet mysterious. its look like victorian style but not the old one with a puffy dress, but the reform victorian style like this one

, gothic lollita reform it again with short skirt or pants with lace or blazer. in japan its usually called by gosurori a pronountiation from goth loli. this from rosen maiden anime. they have a cute dress right?

there are some thing to get this look:

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