Friday, March 17, 2017

Mukaku itu kata orang resting bitch face. Tapi kadang juga kelihatan pucet kayak orang sakit, jadi akhir akhir ini suka pake blush on. Berhubung si Blush on Viva (Review disini ) sudah lama hilang dan NYX Blush Stick (review disini) udah mau habis, gue googling blush on apa yang murah, pigmented dan warnanya cakep hihihi #gakmaurugi. Dan akhirnya pilihan jatuh ke CITYCOLOR INTENSE BLUSH QUAD



E.L.F. Concealer Review

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Okayyy, Lets talk about concealer. Dulu tiap pergi kerja gue pasti pake foundation dan concealer,
eee karena kulit gue sudah mulai menua dan breakout di sana sini maka mulailah gue mengurangi pemakaian foundation agar kulit bisa bernafas. Untuk menutupi kekurangan di muka ( mata panda dan bekas jerawat ) maka gue tetep pake concealer.

Disini gue cuma pake di area kantung mata sama bekas jerawat yang udah kempes dan menghitam. Kalu jerawatnya masih radang jangan di tutupin ya, nanti dia ngambek dan tambah gede wkkwkw

 E.L.F. Concealer Review


REVIEW: Etude House Zero Sebum Drying Powder

Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Jadi kapan hari adek gue entah lagi kesambet apa tiba-tiba nawarin “mbak aku habis shopping, kamu tak beli no sesuatu “ dengan logat medok jawanya yang notok jedok. Ternyata yang di kasiin adalah Etude House Zero Sebum Drying Powder yang udah di buka…. Di situlah kecurigaan gue dimulai…

Etude House Zero Sebum Drying Powder


Unboxing Altheabox A:CONCEPTBOX

Friday, February 17, 2017

Hai, kali ini mau nge share review an tentang salah satu Althea Box yang sold outnya cepet banget tapi mereka restock lagi dan gue kebagiannnnn YEAYYY. Althea box kali ini bener bener worth it karena hanya dengan 310k saja kamu bisa dapet 10 item jadi kalo di itung itung jatuhnya cuma 31k per item. Murah banget kan


(REVIEW) Wardah Spesial Edition Makeup Kit

Thursday, February 09, 2017

Dulu punya cita cita punya beli makeup kit yang lengkap ada tas nya, Alhamdulillah tahun 2016 kemarin Tuhan ngasihnya gratis (Dapet dari kantor yeaaay, tapi teteup harus di tinggal di kantor hiks). Sebenarnya ak bukan orang yang demen banget pake wardah soalnya pernah coba cream dan sunblocknya malah bikin beruntusan huhuhu.

Kembali ke topik awal mari kita preteli isi dari Wardah Spesial Edition Makeup Kit ini

Wardah Spesial Edition Makeup Kit


(REVIEW) Eye Liner Gel Battle Pixy Vs Silky Girl

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

(REVIEW) Eye Liner Gel Battle Pixy Vs Silky Girl

(REVIEW) Eye Liner Gel Battle Pixy Vs Silky Girl
Kalau di Tanya pilih eyeliner pinsil, eyeliner cair atau eyeliner gel? gue pasti pilih eyeliner gel karena gue ngerasa hanya eyeliner gel yang tahan 9 jam kerja bareng gue (selain punya eyelid yang berminyak ak juga males touch up banyak banyak pas habis sholat dhuhur atau asar, iya gue anaknya pemalas :p)


(REVIEW) Missha 4d Mascara

Friday, January 27, 2017

yeayyy. This is my third post in this month
finally i got motivation to write again :D

Actually i already took this picture 5 months ago and i already throw this product out because its out of time/ expired

Yeah, mascara only stand about 3-4 months after its opened.
missha 4d mascara
i got this product from Althea before its site banned by goverment =...=
its only 37000 rupiahs
very cheap for a great mascara

cosplay. makeup

Nella one day whitener review

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

nella one day whitener
Pertama kali denger brand ini dari cosplayer #lupasiapanamanya yang kalo lagi cosplay vampire selalu pakai ini biar bisa mendadak putih pucet
Nella one day whitening lotion ini mirip sama whitening nya cathy doll tapi bedanya di lotionnya ada kayak bulir bulir scrub nya tapi ilang pas di oles ke kulit. 


Missha Under Eye Review

Friday, December 30, 2016


finally 2016 would over soon. been a while (yet again) from my last post. I promise to write more often next year :)
So, today review is Missha Under Eye under eye brigtener. It seem s like a concealer for under eye. im so exited because i got so terrible eye bag . So i think it would be more than just a 'common' concealer


City Color Contour and Correct Cream Pallet Review

Thursday, March 31, 2016

yeayyy, this is my first post this month :)

i know im being so lazyyy to write lately -_____-

i got this City Color Contour and Correct Cream Pallet Review just for 120.000 rupiah because it was on saleeeeeeee! so lets look at this baby

City Color Cream And Contour Pallet

City Color Cream And Contour Pllet Review
City Color Cream And Contour Pallet's instruction

City Color Cream And Contour Pallet Review

City Color Cream And Contour Pallet Review

its got a lot of color to get rid all of my blemishes

i dont like use it too much because it makes my face look cakey, and at Indonesia where every day is summer i feel my face melted hahaahaha

i need to set it on transclusent powder again and again

but for the contour cream is okayyyy, it had beautifull dark and darker color

would i repurchase this??

i thougt it would last till next year haha


How To Be Grateful In Tough Times And Rock Your Day

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Actually this should be  review of Wet N Wild Matte Lipstick in Coraline 

But i wanna write about

How To Be Grateful In Tough Times And Rock Your Day...

Though the ups and downs, it’s important that we still give thanks. 

As I look back on this months, with new problem arrival just moments away, I confess that it has been a bored ride; I’ve leave wonderfully unforgettable moments and i also suffered loss and disappointment. 

Life has a funny way of doling out surprises. Some days I feel as though I’m resting a top a beautiful  mountain and others I am sitting at its bottom, the only view up hill.

In those challenging times, in the depth of the valley, I often can’t see the big picture and living in gratitude is an all-but-forgotten priority.I just lost my desire and passion to live 

In case of catching my passion again, i think I HAVE TO CHALLENGE MY SELF, and this year i will try my best to give thanks for what I do have.

I lost my friends, were separated, though I am sad and miss them immensely, I can already find solace in the wonderful times that we shared. I am thankful that they bestowed upon mow e the importance of helping and loving others. I am thankful for our many trips trough this years, where we searched for shells to carry home. I am thankful for our lovely silly bitchy fagtitude late night jokes and early morning harms. They had an impact on my life that will last forever, and I am eternally grateful.

Althought now we're heading to differ direction….. but I still gratefull to meet ya all

How To Be Grateful In Tough Times And Rock Your Day?
all you need is just accepting who you are, love your self, found a determination that I can do this shit! and WEAR RED LIPSTICK

here you go girls, you can conquer the world 
wet n wild matte review


Isi Makeup Untuk Seserahan

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

haiiii, its been a while since my last post. and my new job drive me crazy =_______=
Now i wanna talk about salah satu part puennnting di acara pernikahan, yaitu seseharan!
Salah satu temen kantor (cowok) ada yang bakal menikah dalam waktu dekat ini dan dia bingung buat mau ngisi seserahannya, 


Tony Moly Merry Atom Series Collection

Thursday, December 17, 2015

I loveeeee Chrismas, every brand challenging to release their new a spesial edition for chrismas huhuuhu #savemywallet. After Apieu collaborated with Doraemon, Tony moly try luck with Atom a.k.a astro boy.


Missha Holiday Fantasy 2015 Collection

Thursday, December 17, 2015

As we move closer to Christmas day, most of the brands has started introducing their holiday specials. For today, let’s see what Missha has for this Christmas!

Missha here try to attract people with sparkle, a lottsssss of sparkle. This Collection get so much attention with this bling bling stuff.
Alright, and here are the individual prices of each product:
missha intensive cushion

1. Missha (Holiday Fantasy) Essence Cushion SPF50+ PA+++, 2 shades | 21,600₩ or Rp 257.177/ 14g x 3
2. Missha (Holiday Fantasy) Essence Cushion Intensive Cover SPF50+ PA+++, 2 shades | 21,600₩ or Rp 257.177/ 14g x


MediHeal x LINE Friends Ampoule Masks Collection

Thursday, December 17, 2015

mediheal x line friends mask

Sumpah dehhhhhh, ini produk ALAMKJANG bingitttttt, (translate: this product is super cute)
Another cute skincare and beauty products from Korea. Famous Korean sheet mask brand MediHeal has collaborated with LINE Friends and released a capsule collection with the super cute and lovable characters on four of their ampoule-type sheet masks. Available in 4 varied functions, if you are also a fan of LINE Friends, you do not want to miss this!


New Item A’Pieu X Doraemon 2015 Christmas Holiday Edition

Thursday, December 17, 2015

arrrrgh, it’s a perfect gift for chrismassssss #craving. Eventhought I don’t celebrate Christmas I so exited about this product.

A’Pieu X Doraemon 2015 Christmas Holiday Edition is a perfect complete amazing package. Its doraemonnnnnnnnn. I love doraemon. Its like a holiday pack that you can  get a super complete Korean makeup absolutely with super cute package ever!!!!


Gizi Super Cream: Kulit Sehat Glowing dengan Bahan Alami

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Inget pas jaman duluuuuuu banget waktu aku masih TK dua puluh satu tahun yang lalu, nyokap pake krim ini. Waktu itu kemasannya sih masih dalam bentuk jar plastic seperti ini
2015 ini Gizi super cream mengeluarkan produk dengan kemasan baru dan formula yang lebih inovatif. Katanya sih Gizi Super cream ini merupakan produk perawatan wajah yang memiliki kandungan bahan alami Indonesia yang bisa memutihkan juga lho. Hmm tapi kalo kulitku yang dasarnya coklat kayaknya gakk bakal bisa putih =_=”. Kalau buat aku asal bisa bersih dan enggak keliatan kusam sih udah oke bingit J


Cara Memakai Lipstik yang Benar

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Postingan kali ini membahas cara memakai lipstik di bibir agar sesuai dengan bentuk bibir serta awet dan tahan lama.

Kalau mau lipstik lebih awet dan tdak cepat memudar, jangan lupa pake pensil bibir dulu full kemudian baru pake lipstick. Jangan lupa untuk mengoleskannya dengan detil biar gak belepotan dan ada garis putus hahahaha kayak pengalaman ku, jadi JANGAN SAMPAI MANGAP KALO LIPSTIKNYA GAK DETIL.

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