sister rules 1: sibling means partner in crime

Friday, September 05, 2014

Did you ever know film Diary of a Wimpy Kid? its a story about siblings name Greg and Rodrick. Rodrick is Greg's older brother and he never misses a chance to terrorize Greg. He is known for sleeping excessively and his rebellious attitude. Rodrick is part of a band called "The Löded Diper". Rodrick will do anything to embarrass Greg and make his life a misery.
Sound so cruel right?. i think its natural when the elder make a bully sometimes hahahah, i did it to my sister. i never mean be cruel to her but its a thing that called sibling right? we joking, fight, and do some silly thing sometimes. yeah... that silly thing which make a trouble. thats why sister is best partner in crime ever. the closest person to help. human make mistake, how to fix it up?. get a partner!.

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