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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

brown is one of my most favorite colors. i choose brown lens because it looks pretty and natural  so people won't stare that much and think I'm weird, but it still have a bling and big effect to my eyes :D. yesterday i just got this cute lenses from

korea is so popular about their ulzzang cute girl with pretty eyes, this lens site is from korea too :3
mine is Madonna brown. Keep reading to see more of this circle lens :).

this packet arrived yesterday, originally from korea wohooo \(^^)/*

this is the lenses pack
there a tutorial how to use the contact lense on the back
whats inside:
a pair lenses in the bottle (but i already moved it)
a case
( i feel lucky yeayyy ^^v. my previous lenses give me nothing than just a pair of lens >,<)
its 38% water, so it comfortable. and the diameter just 14mm so its gonna look good for daily using

my previous lens bottle is hard to open and make my nail chapped T,T but this ine is easy to open :)

the brown color quite strong
klenspop madonna
close look
ahhhhh, pardon my ugly nails >,<
look natural for daily <3
1. easy to buy just go klens or click banner on the side bar ( i love online shopping lately haha all you need just sit behind PC and its arrived. thanks to internet :p lol)
2 the color obvious but not strange
3. can used for a year 0.o
4. i already use it 2 days and so good so far

in indonesia the packet hold few days in bea cukai >,<, so i need to wait longer. but i think its not a big deal as long as i didnt need to wait till months :)

btw they have a spesial sale :D
take a peep

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  1. effect enlarge nya ga trll ya ?
    nice review btw :)

  2. iya, tapi emang dasar mataku uda kayak mata ikan soalnya hehehe
    thanks uda mampir :)

  3. warnanya cakep yey :3
    btw eyeliner km rapi bgt -___- envy XD
    cakepppp, salam kenal :D


  4. bagus lensanya, pekejingnya jg lucu XD

  5. i love these lens.... thanks for sharing! and you have got beautiful eyes!


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