Monday, August 22, 2016


Lo dikasih kemampuan dan potensi segini gedenya, ruang sebegini luasnya untuk berkembang,
dan lo masih membandingkan diri lo sama mereka-mereka yang hidupnya terikat dan bersandar 
Please, bitch.
Tolong kurangi micinnya.
Dan pake dikit otaknya.

it slapped me, hard on my face
shes right, i got alot of things to do
i got my own saving
i got my own car (eventhought i can not drive yet lol)
i got my freedom
ill try to wake up one more time. being though... like her
thankyou for stopping bye 
xoxo furi

Thursday, August 18, 2016

just an excuse

i dunno what to write any way
i lost my sense of writings
eventhought i knew that i dont have good sense at writings too, lol

i lost desire to play with makeup since....
i got no company
i got no one to take my picture
i got no place to get a good picture #lemmementionthosevintagedoors

i bought a lot of make up, but too lazy to take a picture
beside i had serious breakout on my face either...

i not young anymore, i know it
my skin not as good as before
i have to take care of it now 


Friday, May 13, 2016

5 Korean Beauty Products Yang Bisa Bikin Kulit Jadi Mulus Kayak Porselen

Kalau berbicara artis Korea pasti kamu kamu semua berpikir tentang kulit orang korea di tv yang kayak boneka porselen. Putih bersih glowy sehat pokoknya kiiiiiiiinclong dahhhh >,<

Hmmmm, engga heran kalau sekarang kosmetik korea lagi booming dimana mana.

Tapi masalahnya, menemukan produk korea yang cocok itu engga mudah

Apalagi kebanyakan produk korea di tulis dengan hanggul yang keriting dan bikin pusyiiiing

Belum lagi harus nunggu barang po (preorder) dari korea huhhhh,

yakali nunggu 3mingguan, lama bokkk

Kan pingin cepet cepet pingin kulit putih bersih kayak artis korea,

walaupun pastinya susah banget buat yang punya kulit sawo busuk matang kayak gue wkwkwwk

tapi paling engga, Pemutih terbaik dari korea kayak produk Cathy Doll bisa dong bikin kulit gue lebih kinclong dikit #ngarep

Pertama kali gue denger produk Cathy doll ini dari mas mas Cantik, Panggil saja CHOCHO (yang dalam bahasa jepang artinya kupu kupu, btw temen gue ngasih panggilan karena mas mas cantik yang agak lenje ini punya kulit cantik kayak porselen, putih , bersih , glowy pokoknya tsannnntik dah)

si Chocho ini nawarin produk Cathy doll yang katanya bisa ngerubah dia yang dulunya dekil, jelek dan jerawatan menjadi kinclong kayak sekarang

bedasarkan pengalamannya selama menggunakan produk cathy doll yang katanya merupakan pemutih kulit terbaik membuat gue pingin nyoba produknya juga

awalnya sih takut kalo ini cuma produk ala ala banci thailand gak jelas gitu

tapi katanya sih ini produk di bawah pengawasan korea yang juga populer di thailand

Dan kabar bagusnya, di Indonesia ada online shopnya, jadi produknya terjamin asli dan sudah terdaftar resmin di BPOM oleh PT. Tirta Tunggal Makmur Jaya.

Hmmm jadi sekarang yukk kita mulai dengan prodek rekomendasi dari Si Chocho

Lets talk about depression and how to make it better

depression creeps upon you quitely. 
and you never thought about it

at the very beginning you struggle with the little things, but usually choose to ignore them
pretending like nothing happend and everything just fine

its like a headache. youll tell yourself its temporary and it will pass
thinking today just A bad day and tomorrow gonna be better

its just another bad day
you tell your self again and again

but its not. 

Thursday, March 31, 2016

City Color Contour and Correct Cream Pallet Review

yeayyy, this is my first post this month :)

i know im being so lazyyy to write lately -_____-

i got this City Color Contour and Correct Cream Pallet Review just for 120.000 rupiah because it was on saleeeeeeee! so lets look at this baby
City Color Cream And Contour Pallet

City Color Cream And Contour Pllet Review
City Color Cream And Contour Pallet's instruction

City Color Cream And Contour Pallet Review

City Color Cream And Contour Pallet Review

its got a lot of color to get rid all of my blemishes

i dont like use it too much because it makes my face look cakey, and at Indonesia where every day is summer i feel my face melted hahaahaha

i need to set it on transclusent powder again and again

but for the contour cream is okayyyy, it had beautifull dark and darker color

would i repurchase this??

i thougt it would last till next year haha

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

How To Be Grateful In Tough Times And Rock Your Day

Actually this should be  review of Wet N Wild Matte Lipstick in Coraline 

But i wanna write about

How To Be Grateful In Tough Times And Rock Your Day...

Though the ups and downs, it’s important that we still give thanks. 

As I look back on this months, with new problem arrival just moments away, I confess that it has been a bored ride; I’ve leave wonderfully unforgettable moments and i also suffered loss and disappointment. 

Life has a funny way of doling out surprises. Some days I feel as though I’m resting a top a beautiful  mountain and others I am sitting at its bottom, the only view up hill.

In those challenging times, in the depth of the valley, I often can’t see the big picture and living in gratitude is an all-but-forgotten priority.I just lost my desire and passion to live 

In case of catching my passion again, i think I HAVE TO CHALLENGE MY SELF, and this year i will try my best to give thanks for what I do have.

I lost my friends, were separated, though I am sad and miss them immensely, I can already find solace in the wonderful times that we shared. I am thankful that they bestowed upon mow e the importance of helping and loving others. I am thankful for our many trips trough this years, where we searched for shells to carry home. I am thankful for our lovely silly bitchy fagtitude late night jokes and early morning harms. They had an impact on my life that will last forever, and I am eternally grateful.

Althought now we're heading to differ direction….. but I still gratefull to meet ya all

How To Be Grateful In Tough Times And Rock Your Day?
all you need is just accepting who you are, love your self, found a determination that I can do this shit! and WEAR RED LIPSTICK

here you go girls, you can conquer the world 
wet n wild matte review

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Isi Makeup Untuk Seserahan

haiiii, its been a while since my last post. and my new job drive me crazy =_______=
Now i wanna talk about salah satu part puennnting di acara pernikahan, yaitu seseharan!
Salah satu temen kantor (cowok) ada yang bakal menikah dalam waktu dekat ini dan dia bingung buat mau ngisi seserahannya,